First Ethereum Pixie Minted

15.3.2021 we minted first PIX token and placed it on Opensea marketplace.

Off-chain seed system

Q1 2021 we launched off-chain seed system for minting Pixies.

Pixie Database/API Keys

Q1 2021 we created Database for Pixies with customizable stories for Pixie owners accesible wit API Keys.

DAPP Connection

Q1 2022 We initiate development of full fledge decentralized application on which we will build all features connected to Pixie utility.

Cardano Pixies

15th January 2022 Pixies moved to Cardano blockchain and Pixie team initiated whitepaper overhaul.

Published Whitepaper

1st February 2022 We published our Whitepaper 1.0 along with website redesign and gathering new team members

Cardano Pixies Public Sale

18th February 2022 at 18:00 UTC We are launching sale 5000 unique Cardano Pixies. Also, we are first project to have automated minting.

Pixie Land Sale

1st March 2022 We are launching sale of 806 Land plots for you to grab. More information in our whitepaper.

Pixie Adventures

Q2 2022 Full fledged Whitepaper of Pixie Adventure and first development updates ready for you!

We will see what else future holds